About World&Plane

World&Plane was founded in 2021 by Michael Jedrzejczak, who combined his extensive professional experience and large network to create a unique, 360-degree vision of business aviation.

Throughout his rare and distinctive career, he has taken on a wide variety of roles and become a leading figure in the business aviation industry. Read on to find out more.

World and plane | Michael_JEDRZEJCZAK

Mastering the technical operations behind business aviation

Michael’s journey in the world of flight began in 1996 when he started working as a mechanic in the French Air Force, learning to repair and maintain a wide variety of aircraft.

In 2001, his growing love for aeronautics led him to continue his career as a mechanic with Jet Aviation Basel, a Swiss company specialising in business aviation. It was also at this time that he earned his Part 66 B1 aircraft maintenance licence, an EU-recognised certification.

While in this position, he gained his first experience with business jets; in particular, the Falcon family designed by Dassault Aviation. Two hugely important steps that would serve as a solid technical foundation for his future career!

Learning about business jet management

Following this successful experience as a contractor and mechanic on popular private jets, Michael joined Global Jet Luxembourg in 2011.

It was with this industry-renowned company that he moved to the customer relations side of the business for the first time.

He ran a portfolio of esteemed international clients, managing their private jets to ensure they could travel seamlessly and comfortably all over the world.

Launching World&Plane

The natural course of his career saw him next occupy strategic positions at Ruag Schweiz AG, a firm specialising in business jet maintenance, and then at TAG Aviation Geneva in 2017. At the latter, he held the position of Business Aviation Customer Support Manager. Similarly to Global Jet, he managed private planes for their owners, ensuring they had total peace of mind during maintenance operations, avionics upgrades and interior refurbishments. It was here that Michael developed a real understanding of first-class customer care.

Through this well-rounded career and the extensive worldwide travel on behalf of his prestigious clients, Michael was able to gather the knowledge and experience needed to launch his own business aviation company. And so, in 2021, he brought together his unparalleled technical and operational expertise in business jets to create World&Plane.

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