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What is business aviation?

Business aviation is a thriving market, with an increasing number of private individuals and companies owning their own aircraft and private jets. But why? Simply put, business aviation helps companies maximise their growth, making business travel more flexible, comfortable and work-friendly. And the figures don’t lie, with no less than 15,000 private jets currently in service around the world. A percentage of these belong directly to rental firms who hire their jets out for business travel.

Other advantages for clients include being able to save huge amounts of time, travel to airports not served by traditional airlines and maintain a certain level of privacy.

However, like any other vehicle, private business jets require rigorous maintenance, upkeep and other types of care in order to ensure the safety of the aircraft and its passengers. This is where you and your jet can benefit from World&Plane’s diverse expertise. Find out more about our business aviation services below.

Maintenance and operations cost optimisation

Quotation analysis – Cost negotiation for additional work – Final invoice review

We use our 360-degree vision of business jets to perform a preliminary quotation analysis of the maintenance required on our clients’ aircraft, including a benchmark of several contractors. This meticulous analysis combined with our comprehensive expertise in business aviation enables us to keep costs to a minimum.

Worldwide on-site supervision

Moreover, our on-site presence is a major advantage for our clients and plays a key role in delivering our first-class service. We promise to provide rigorous care in places you don’t have the time to visit.

OEM/MRO and operator coordination

We produce full reports that provide a real overview of what work your planes need. We will also inspect and supervise all the work carried out by your chosen contractors to ensure that your budget is optimisedt

Pre-Purchasing Inspection (PPI)

Coordination and price discussion between buyer, seller and MRO

The flourishing market also means many owners are looking to sell their business jets. Unfortunately, as a buyer, you can often feel lost when you have no technical expertise when it comes to business aviation.

Aircraft sale consultancy and pre-acquisition review

That is precisely why we decided to launch our consulting services for the purchase and sale of private jets, both new and used. We leverage our world-famous technical and organisational expertise in business aviation to support you throughout the acquisition process, from A to Z.

Pre-acquisition inspection management

This means finding and inspecting the perfect jet for you, helping you sign the final contract and providing assistance with everything in between. Once the sale is complete, we also take care of delivering the aircraft and putting it into service.

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Aircraft on ground AOG support

On-site supervision / Maintenance coordination to ensure aircraft released to service as fast as possible

Unfortunately, your business jet may sometimes be grounded and incapable of flying, even if it has been carefully maintained. And when you’re on a tight schedule, this can be a nightmare! We make it our mission to get your private plane up back in the air as quickly as possible.

We use our renowned expertise and flexibility to provide technical support whenever our clients’ business jets are unable to fly. We promise to ensure they are released to service as soon as possible while ensuring maintenance and repair costs are kept to a minimum. In summary, we coordinate, organise and supervise on site the work needed to get your private jet back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Additional services

Cabin refurbishment solutions
(quotation upon request)

World&Plane also provides cabin refurbishment for business jets. We assess your needs, optimise costs and supervise all the work carried out.

Parts supplier

As with the sale of business jets, our network of business aviation partners means we can also procure spare parts for our clients.

Avionics upgrades

We can also suggest upgrades and improvements for your navigation systems and flight gear. We offer the most stylish and up-to-date technology that complies with all the necessary standards and legislation, whether that be European, international or country specific.

Chartered flights

We have a large network of providers that you can call upon to charter private jets for your business trips. We will put you in contact and ensure you benefit from discounted rates.

World and plane | Michael_JEDRZEJCZAK | Cabin
World and plane | Michael_JEDRZEJCZAK | Cabin